[ This article should have appeared in the Wetherby News for March 8, 2018.
Unfortunately, due to production difficulties at Johnson Press, it wasn't printed. So rather than waste Jean's effort, this is what she wrote.... ]

Blast from the East

That phrase last week had us looking for snow shovels and wellies. Children looked for sledges hoping the schools would close to allow them a day playing in the snow. Parents would have viewed that differently wondering how to balance work commitments with the need to care for the children.

For others it was a case of just curling up indoors and hoping it would all go away. There is a downside to that though, for some staying at home may seem restrictive and perhaps cause anxiety about food and keeping warm.

Snow is at once beautiful and difficult, loved and hated in equal measure. There is the beauty of a landscape where all the ugly bits disappear in the white. The usual taking on a breathtaking beauty.

Snowflakes are fascinating, and all individual. Think how many individual snowflakes were laying on the ground making it look snow white.

Looking up ‘snowflake’ it seems there are at least eight broad classifications and at least eighty individual variants of a snowflake. Made of clear ice the small crystal facets of the snowflake reflect the whole spectrum of light making them look white.

It fills me with wonder that the God who made our universe made something as small and special as a snowflake.

People are also individual. No doubt a scientist could bunch us together under broad classifications and into many individual variants just like a snowflake, after all we too are designed by the same God.

We can look small in a big landscape. Wonder what worth our individual contribution is. Put groups together working to bring knowledge, care, food, health, safety – the list is endless – and you have what makes the world work.

The psalmist praises God that we are wonderfully made and God’s works are awesome and amazing (Psalm 139:14 NET). Let us do likewise.

Jean Tyler