What's coming up over the next few weeks?

Morning worship on Sunday, April 30


Chris is organising this service, which will have an emphasis on prayer.

As always, everyone is welcome to join us at this service.

Tour in the Town

9am to 5pm on Saturday, April 29 at the Town Hall (and Margins!)

The Tour de Yorkshire comes through Wetherby TWICE this year - the Women's Race at around 9.30am, and the Men's at around 2.20pm. The Welcome to Wetherby Group have organised a day of celebration at and around the Town Hall, with big screen, stalls, entertainment and other wild attractions.

We are planning to have Margins open for as long as possible that day, so do drop by if you're in town.

There will also be a Community Showcase in the Town Hall, where local clubs and community groups will be able to show what they offer, with leaflets, posters and so on. Churches Together have booked a table, and now we need people to be on hand to answer questions. If you can manage to find (another!) spare hour to do this, please contact Mary Wilkinson on 520071, or e-mail her.

Baptist National Assembly Communion service in Harrogate

10am, May 14, at the Harrogate Convention Centre

This service is open to anyone, not just for delegates to the Baptist Assembly, which takes place the day before. We shall be attending this instead of holding our usual morning service at the school, so please make a note - and get up a bit earlier!)

Worship will be led by the Assembly Worship Team and Revd Lynn Green, BU General Secretary. David Kerrigan, the outgoing Director of BMS, will be sharing from Ephesians 2:19 on the theme 'No Longer the Stranger'.

Christian Aid Week

14-20 May, on a street near you

This has been described as the largest act of Christian witness in the UK, and you will, of course, want to be part of it!

As usual there will be two Coffee Mornings at either end of the week, and a Market Stall on the Thursday, not to mention the house-to-house collection.

Pat is organising our collection this year and will be in touch soon to encourage you to cover your usual roads, or perhaps have a go for the first time.

In previous years our combined efforts across Wetherby have raised around five to six thousand pounds, so we need people to help us repeat that terrific result. It only takes a couple of hours - and a little bit of courage - to do the average collection, so make Pat's day and volunteer before you're asked!

Easter Egg Giveaway 2017

Giving away Easter Eggs

We gave away 800 mini chocolate eggs to Margins visitors, passers-by and shoppers in the town to remind them of the new life they can enjoy through the grace of Jesus and the love of our Father God.

We also offered the chance to decorate a (blown) egg, which plenty of children and their parents enjoyed.

Have a look at the photographs on the News page.

Lent Talks

The Lent Talks have now finished, but they are now available on the Churches Together website for you to cherish, mull over and enjoy. They are well worth listening to. They include each talk and the question times afterwards.

Our thanks are due to Eric Ovenden and Tempo FM for their partnership in making them available to a wider audience.

Church Family Sunday Lunch

After the morning service on Sunday May 21, at Joyce and Steve's home in Bickerton

We will be joined by our guest speaker for the morning, Revd Andrew Georgio, who is a Chaplain at the YOI. Do make a note in your diary. Further details will be available shortly.

Church Scientific Café Evenings

7:30-9.30pm, May 22 at Blenheim Baptist Church, LS2 9AW (parking around LS7 1LW)

This is a new initiative in which Sally is involved. Aimed primarily at science and engineering students and post-grads, these events emphasise that being a scientist isn't incompatible with being a Christian.

Church Scientific café evening features new talks by Leeds-based scientists sharing their exploration of Christian perspectives on their research. After each talk there will be time for discussion around tables over coffee (free!), before we share questions and ideas with the speaker and each other.

For more information, visit the Church Scientific website.

Dates for your diary...

Churches Together Prayers for the Community

9.15-10.00am on Wednesday May 3
in the Quiet Room at Wetherby Methodist Church

This is a great opportunity to meet with other Christians from around the town to pray for our community, and to enjoy a coffee and fellowship afterwards in the coffee lounge. These monthly meetings take place on the first Wednesday of every month.

Civic service

3pm, Sunday May 14 in St James Church

Everyone is welcome to join in this service, organised by our Mayor, Norma Harrington, to celebrate and pray for our town, its councillors and all those who contribute to the life of the community.

To get advanced warning of other church and Churches Together events, keep a close eye on our church calendar - and avoid those embarrassing clashes of dates!

Other news and events

The Beacon

This is a monthly programme broadcast every fourth Sunday in the month at 8.00am on Tempo FM 107.4, Wetherby's own community radio station. It's presented by Eric Ovenden, and aims to spread the Christian message to everyone in the Wetherby area.

Eric is keen to set up a Listeners' Panel to give him feedback and ideas for the programme. If you think you might be interested, give him a call on 01423 869841.