Margins Bookshop: Our base in the centre of Wetherby

Margins has now been re-opened..

Margins was re-opened on Friday, July 24th, but under rather different conditions from normal:

  • Open Friday and Saturdays ONLY, from 9.30am to 3.00pm
  • Only one person/family in the shop at any one time
  • No entry for anyone exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms
  • Customers must use hand sanitiser on entry
  • Masks must be warn in the shop
  • Social distancing must be observed
  • Exact cash payment preferred, to avoid the need to give change
    (We regret we are unable to provide for credit card payments.)
  • Donations of books are limited to a maximum of ten at any one time, which will be quarantined for 48 hours
  • All handles and surfaces will be regularly disinfected

What is Margins about?

Margins Bookshop is located at 2 Church Street in Wetherby. We offer second-hand books for sale, and invite people to donate their own books for us to recycle.

From time to time we provide space for local artists and photographers to display their work. This is free of charge, although we do levy a 10% charge on any sales.

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