Margins Bookshop: Our base in the centre of Wetherby

What is Margins about?

Margins Bookshop is located at 2 Church Street in Wetherby. We offer second-hand books for sale as well as providing a place for people to drop in and chat, browse the books and bring in their own books for us to re-cycle.

We also hold occasional activities to help support and serve our community and provide space for local artists and photographers to display their work. This is free of charge, although we do levy a 10% charge on any sales.

The shop is normally open from 10am to 2pm, Tuesday to Saturday. We are not open on Mondays.

Sunday worship still takes place at Deighton Gates School at 10.30am.

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ArtSpace at Margins

Ex-miner Bill Barden returns to Artspace

A new exhibition of paintings has appeared on the walls of Margins by local artist Bill Barden.

From a very early age Barnsley-born Bill had an interest in art. As a child, he had dreams of pursuing art as a career, but his mother, more realistically, had other ideas. She found him a job in the local pit, following in the footsteps of his father.

While down the pit he still found opportunities to draw and even succeeded in winning some mining art competitions. After nearly a decade in mining he began working in the Physical Education Department of the Prison Service. During this time his talent for drawing and painting was put to good use illustrating pamphlets, journals, safety instructions, and much more, including books on anatomy and physiology. He has also worked on children's books about thunder and lightning.

Bill says, "My own art is mostly about mining and the working class environment that I grew up in. Some of it is pure fantasy - escapism if you like. I think some of my art is a little different, maybe because of the subjects I choose."

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