Welcome to our virtual worship service for Palm Sunday, April 5

Welcome back - we hope you are keeping well (and sane!). This service has a number different items; to progress through them, just click on the arrows to play each one in turn.

You may want to have your Bible open at Matthew 21.1-11, and also Mark 8.27-38, so that you can follow the Scripture passages. Our thanks to Joyce and Arthur for recording them, and to David for organising this morning's worship.

(If YouTube is very busy, you may get a 'video unavailable' message. If so, click on the appropriate thumbnail in the window and - who knows - it may appear.)

Welcome and intro

Song: God of Wonders

A prayer of praise and thanksgiving

Lord of heaven and earth
We praise You, We glorify You, we adore You.
We fall down on our knees before Your majesty.
King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Hosanna in the highest!
We are struggling a bit just now. Aid us in our struggle
We are hurting a bit just now. Aid us in our pain.
For You knew struggle, and You knew pain.
You knew death. You suffered, and You died
And You came through it.
Defeated it.
Brought us out of the darkness into the light.
Through selfless sacrifice.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Matthew 21:1-11 Jesus' entry into Jerusalem

Mark 8:27-38 Take up your cross

Talk: Being sacrificial

Song: You laid aside your majesty

Prayers of intercession

Please pray through the following prayer points and bring all your petitions before our God, confident that He has promised that when we gather together, albeit remotely, He will hear our prayers:

Let us pray...

  • For Leaders and Governments throughout the world, that the decisions which they make will be the right and fair to all the people in their protection. Help them to make difficult decisions for the good of all.

  • For those on the front line in our health and care services. Fighting for us, dying for us. we honour them, we rely on them, we applaud them. Keep them safe.

  • For all those confined to their homes, those on their own or those looking after young children who are desperate to play with their friends outdoors, but can’t.

  • For those who find such confinement difficult. For those who must keep their distance when they just want to rush out and hug people who are dear to us. For those who ache to enjoy the open air and sunshine further afield than just around the block.

  • For those in care homes, hospitals, hospices, who may not understand why they are not receiving visitors any more. For the homeless, the sick, the poor, the socially isolated. Those who may feel abandoned by society.

May they all find strength and peace in You, our God, for You will never abandon us: that you have promised.    Amen

Song: Waymaker

And let’s use the last song today as a background to continued personal prayer, bringing before Our God everything and everyone on our hearts at this time.

Closing prayer

Join us for coffee!

Do join us for virtual coffee (bring your beverage) on Easter Sunday at 11.30am for a Zoom meeting and say 'Hello' to everyone.

Don't forget that there will be another Prayer Broadcast this evening (Sunday) at 7:00pm. Our General Secretary Lynn Green will be hosting this along with Amie Buhari, Founder and Chief Executive of The Hebe Foundation.